RUMcube solusi terbaik untuk kebutuhan desain interior Anda RUMcube menyediakan jasa desain interior dengan tim desainer interior berpengalaman dan visioner di bidangnya. Kami berkomitmen untuk memberikan jasa desain interior yang tak hanya indah dan berkualitas tinggi, tapi juga nyaman dan fungsional untuk Anda. Diluncurkan pertama kali di tahun 2008, RUMcube telah menghandle lebih dari 108 project dari seluruh Indonesia. Banyak orang telah menggunakan jasa desain interior dari kami, project yang telah kami kerjakan selama ini meliputi rumah tinggal, apartemen, retail, restoran, kantor, dan hotel. Anda juga bisa dapatkan desain interior berkualitas untuk project Anda dengan bantuan dari desainer interior kami. kami mengerjakan proyek interior di wilayah jakarta, tanggerang, depok, bekasi, bogor (jabotabek), hingga keluar kota / luar pulau. Pilih RUMcube sebagai solusi untuk kebutuhan desain interior Anda. Kami menjamin Anda akan mendapatkan desain interior yang berkualitas serta sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan keinginan Anda. Keuntungan lainnya menggunakan jasa dari kami adalah Anda sendiri yang berhak memilih dan menentukan siapa desainer interior yang ingin Anda gunakan. Tim RUMcube terdiri beberapa desainer interior muda dan berpengalaman yang selalu siap memberikan pelayanan interior terbaik untuk Anda. Kami menjamin kualitas dan eksekusi desain interior secara profesional untuk memberikan pelayanan interior terbaik bagi Anda. apartemen modern apartemen studio dapur desain desain interior desain interior apartemen desain interior hunian desain interior jakarta desain interior kamar mandi desain interior ruang keluarga desain interior rumah huni designer interior design interior design interior idea design interior inspiration design interior living room design living room detail interior gaya minimalis gaya modern ide desain interior ide design interior ide interior inspirasi apartemen interior designer interior jakarta interior rumah minimalis jasa desainer interior jasa desainer interior jakarta jasa desain interior jasa desain interior jakarta jasa designer interior jasa designer interior rumah kamar mandi kamar tidur ruang keluarga ruang tamu rumah modern tips dan trik interior tips desain interior tips interior tips interior apartment tips interior hunian trik interior warna desain interior



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Our design are very unique in every way because, we'll always try to make something new, something different that aren't available on the market yet. Based on your vision, combine with our design experience to produce the extraordinary design that suite your style. In our company our team are the most valuable asset, and we trust to be successful we need a solid teamwork that have one heart, one vision, one mission that is to server all our costumer with heart and fulfill their needs and interest on property necessity.

We makes your dream home living come true

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We can Help you build your dream house On time, On a buget, in the highest quality, that suit your needs and Life style

Cutting Edge Design Process

We makes our design on a 3D environment to visualize it as a finish project later on. Our costumer can get better understanding of final project before its ever been build. These design process help costumer making a right decisions about the designs ideas, space planing, color selection, design themes, materials selections, lighting fixtures, rooms characteristic and conditions.

Product Warranty

All of our interiors product are guarantee with 1:1 replacement

Free Design

All of our design are Free of charges if you choose us to be a project contractors.

Measurable Budgets

Competitive and reasonable pricing. We design your dream home within your given budget, so you would not likely to over budgets.

High Quality Controls

All of our product are being inspected by our team, in every corner and every smallest details to ensure its perfection. Just to makes sure we deliver the highest quality to satisfied our costumers.

On Time

People say times is money, that's why we also value it. as a matter of fact we are always committed to be able to meet the dead line on every project that we do.



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Small little things that Works and improve your home living quality

All of us are always want and dream a beautiful, neat and tidy, clean, and cozy environment for our home. here are some tips that might help your home living quality

Tips In Choosing Top Table


Tips on Buying & choosing a sofa


Buying furniture at affordable prices with good quality is always sought after by many people. But sometimes there are other obstacles because with the many different types of options, the function and size of the couches make people become more confused in choosing. Suppose most people sometimes experience the mistake in choosing and buying a sofa. Sometimes they buy with sizes, models, and shapes that do not fit the space in the house. In fact, sometimes they have to spend more monney just to get something that will not necessarily be very useful for them. So from that, we provide some tips to you to buy a good sofa for your home needs.

In terms of choosing a sofa, the first thing to really notice is the frame of the couch itself, because the skeleton of a sofa determines how strong the couch is and also how durable the sofa is, checking the sofa frame on the finished sofa Is not easy because usually this part of the skeleton is closed or coated with other materials. But you can do some test by shaking the sofa, if when you shaken it you feels very shaky or beeping, it indicates that the sofa is less strong and will not last long. The second way is to lift one of the corners / feet of the sofa if on lift, one corner of the sofa foot parallel still touching the floor can be interpreted the strength of the sofa couch was rather weak.

The next thing that is not less important is the size. You have to make sure the size of the sofa you want to buy with the needs of the room available in your home. If you buy a 3-row sofa (3 seater) for an apartment with an area of the room under 60 m2 it will greatly make you lose a lot of space to do other activites, to move, or to put other items. also don't forget the height on the back of the sofa where the ideal sofa is a sofa that can bear the whole body while sitting.

Most people use a sofa to receive guests who visit the house, but not a few who use the sofa just to relax alone or with family. So when you are going to buy a sofa, make sure first what's the purpose of the sofa that you will buy. Is it just for home display esthetic? where you gonna place the sofa? And if you have limited space you can buy a sofa that has a multi function where the sofa can switch functions eg a bed, sofa that has a recliner, etc.

Next is the material that made it. Appearance of the couch is not only seen from the shape alone, but in terms of detials good couch must have a good material. You can choose from cotton, linen, polyster, suede, up to synthetic leather and genuine leather. So choose one that suit you the best and make sure because you certainly want to use the sofa in a long time. Suggestions that we recommend is to choose materials that match your buget and also choose materials and colors that are easy to clean and also choose the appropriate color with the alignment of the interior where you will place the sofa. Also adjust the material used for placement of the sofa indoors or outdoors.
The comfort level of a sofa is also a decisive factor in decision making. Many things that affect the comfort level of a sofa like the shape whether ergonomic in accordance with body shape or not and also the level of the foam density. In this case you have to try it yourself so you can feel it directly whether the sofa is comfortable or uncomfortable.

And last but not least if you buy a sofa from a retail store make sure that the sofa has a warranty. And also make sure when sent to your home check back every detial from the sofa and if the sofa is a multifunction sofa, make sure the tidiness, strength and system on the couch is working well. What if the sofa you buy has a disability either because of shocks during delivery or due to defect production you should immediately claim the warranty you get from where you buy the sofa.

Just imagine if the sofa you buy does not have a warranty, then when the couch was placed in your home and there are defects that you did not realize before, what else you will use the sofa for a long time this will certainly give the impression that is less comfortable for Viewed and used. If you need a design interior that suits your sofa or your room needs, you can contact us and we will be ready to serve and give free consultation.

Tips to make room look more spacious


For those of you who crave a large room there are various ways to get the impression and the atmosphere, one of them are by buying and owning a vast land.., but not everyone is so lucky to do so. What's more, if you live in a center of metropolitan city whose price is certainly not cheap. So most people will generally choose a vertical residence with a variety of reasons from starting close to work or office, to avoid traffic jams, to save money on transportation, more practical and safe, and so on.

To create the impression and feeling about room that looks as if it was spacious, one way is to pay attention to the selection of appropriate colors, ranging from the interior, ceiling, floor and wall. Colors that can generally help give the impression of it. So carefully choose a color that can reflect much of the light rays, in this case are mostly bright colors.

Placement of lights can also create a more spacious impression of the room, because the lights can once again give the impression of a brighter room and it's good if the color of the lamp in use is the color of the lights are neutral.

Thinking of making a room that can have multi-functional usability. With the lack of availability of land we can use the space that at first its only had one function into multifunctional rooms, for example you can make a bed that can be stored into a cupboard or bed that can function as a sofa or coffe table that can function as a dining table Or work table, by using furniture like this you can save the space useage of the room.

Choosing interior or furniture that can be easily moved. By being able to move the interior or furniture you can have a little room to do more activities that require adequate space or if you are having some guests to your house.

The use of glass doors for the room between the interior room and exterior, terrace or garden can help provide the illusion of a more spacious space.

Make hidden cabinets for storing items that are important but not often in use such as cabinets for appliances, cabinets for goods collusion or hobby and etc. The cabinet can be placed under the bed, tucked behind a wall or cabinet behind a painting, that all is to made thigs looks neat and tidy also give you more spaicous impression.

If you have a building or room with a high cellings. These high ceilings can be used to make some room again, whether it is for storage, for a rest room or for the bedroom. By utilizing a high ceiling you can make the space more spacious for you to do more activities.

And the last commonly used is items are the use of a mirror on a wide wall. The use of a mirror on a large wall can give the impression of the narrow room seem more spacious because of the nature of the mirror itself that reflects light.

Here are tips that we can give hopefully will be useful for you, if you need coustume interior or interior design that has multifunctional and also make your room look wider you can contact us to get free consultation.

Tips for clean and healthy home


Having a clean place will certainly lead you to a healthy life. For a dirty and untreatable dwelling is a source of illness for you. Although easy to clean your house, still a lot of things that become obstacles when you have to really maintain cleanliness and health.

There are many tips and ways you can use when you want to have a clean and healthy home. Well, Here are 8 tips if you want to have a clean and healthy home for you and your beloved family.

1. Reduce electronic goods.
For peace of mind, remove or reduce electronic goods. Use electronic panel furniture storage items such as CDs, DVDs, and other digital equipment. With that emphasis it can soothe your eyes.

2. Start using objects made from microfiber cloth.
Microfiber fabric or fabric made from synthetic fibers (fiber) has been widely used as household appliances from clothing to mop.

3. Avoid dangerous chemicals.
Beware of volatile organic compounds such as home furnishings with harmful chemicals VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), such as paints, foams, carpets can also contain VOCs. Look for products that contain no VOCs, low-odor, and no carcinogens.

4. Clean your grass out of chemicals.
If you keep the grass around the yard you should not use chemicals. If grasses require fertility or fertilization use gluten cornflour as an alternative herbicide option. For pesticides, it is better to use Neem Oil or Neem oil that can be diluted and sprayed. This includes safe, edible organic products.

5. Always wash and clean your refrigerator.
This little thing turned out to cause something big, the part of the refrigerator that must always be washed is the part that is often touched hands or the door. Because of the habits of people who always open the fridge then take food in it. From there the germs move.

6. Clean your bathroom regularly.
This is usually missed and most people are lazy to do it, if it is often cleaned will reduce condensation and limit the risk of mold growth.

7. Get used to cleaning with vacuum cleaner.
If you have a pet, especially dogs and cats, there will usually be a lot of feathers flying away all over the places. In order clean it completely clean use a vacum cleaner for it.

8. Get used to clean your room and your home once a week.
If our room is healthy, of course it will make our resting more comfortable, other than that, cleaning our room can also affect our health .. And if the house is clean, then the house will be comfortable for us live.


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